Chase Freedom Credit Card


The Chase Freedom Credit Card is one of the great cash back cards that is currently available of its kind on the market. The Chase Freedom Credit Card makes it very cool to receive actual cash back instead of points for using the card in your everyday tasks. This card is pretty awesome in that it allows for 5% cash back for your purchases made with the card. One of the other things that we all love about this card is that there are no annual membership fees and yet you get to enjoy getting kickbacks from monies that are spent on your card. Being that this card is so awesome, just know that you will have to have the most perfect credit in order to get approved for a card such as this.

What do you say when they will pay you $100 just to spend $500 in the span of three months using your Chase Freedom Credit Card? How about, "More please?" Within three months of normal spending, most people easily spend that amount in just one month but they are giving you three months to do it. Did you say you wanted more? Well they also set you on a rotation schedule every quarter where you could receive up to $1,500 cash back in each quarter which is determined by 5% of your total spending in that quarter. They even let you know in advance some of their categories they believe you will be able to benefit from so that you can even increase your cash back by spending in those certain categories the whole time if possible.

Let's deal with this 1% that you can receive on all of the outside purchases with your Chase Freedom Credit Card. Just make sure that you aren't thinking to try to use a cash advance, check, or anything of that sort in order to get cash back because it won't happen. They fully intend for you to make an actually purchase to qualify for the 1% cash back. Did we mention that you can do all of this racking up on cash back with no limits? The only limit is the one on the quarterly rotation funds.

The fact they are giving you a zero APR for as long as fifteen months is truly amazing. For those of you who have the perfect credit that can qualify for this card should be running out in droves to make sure this card doesn't pass you by. After the introductory fifteen month period is over, just make sure to be careful and mindful of the change in the APR as well as your spending. Making sure to keep all of your payments current will be perhaps the biggest key of benefiting from the Chase Freedom Credit Card. Being that this card is only for the best of the best when it comes to those with super awesome credit scores we know that we are preaching to the choir when we mention anything regarding making sure the account stays in good standing. It just our way of showing that we really care and hope that if you get the Chase Freedom Credit Card you will take full advantage of everything it has to offer.